FRA Bridge Compliance

“The Gulf & Ohio Railways system has exclusively used Crouch Engineering for our bridge inspections and engineering for more than five years. We are immensely pleased with the quality and timeliness of their work, and we intend to continue to use them as our exclusive supplier going forward.”

-Doc Claussen, Vice President, Gulf & Ohio Railways, 2011 




The SmartLineTM FRA Compliance Program

Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) compliance impacts every business function in railway companies, both operationally and strategically. The FRA’s latest rules for Bridge Safety Standards (49 CFR, Parts 213 and 237) create even tougher standards, mandates and reporting requirements.  

That’s why Crouch Engineering developed our SmartLineTM FRA Compliance program. Our team works seamlessly together with your organization, providing proper inspections and documentation to assure complete compliance.


Get the Compliance Green Light

The new FRA standards bring tough new challenges for your company...More expense, more paperwork and FRA fines totalling up to $100,000.

With more than 200 assembled years of national and international railway engineering knowledge and experience, Crouch Engineering is ready to help you create safe, cost-effective solutions to meet the tough new FRA requirements.

Our SmartLine Compliance Program is fast, smart and accurate – ensuring you have the information you need when you need it through our SmartLine documentation program.

Licensed in Over 40 States

Crouch Engineering is committed to client responsiveness related to FRA compliance and we have the experience to back it up. Our professionals are licensed in more than 40 states. We have inspected and designed hundreds of railroad bridges for more than seventy different railroads across the nation.

We put prompt service and immediate response to your needs at the very top of our list of objectives. From track design and engineering to regulatory support and compliance, now one call provides the partnership you need to keep your railway moving.

FRA rule 49 CRF parts 213 and 237 mandates for railroad companies nationwide:

• Develop and maintain an accurate bridge inventory of different railroads across the nation

• Conduct regular comprehensive inspections of all bridges at least once each year

• Set new written procedures to ensure all bridges are not loaded beyond capacity

• Document all repairs, modifications and inspections

• Provide a review process to verify and validate all inspections

• Certify that all bridge inspections are conducted by qualified persons in accordance with state requirements: only state licensed engineers are qualified to produce reports regarding structural capacity and Crouch Engineering is licensed in over 40 states

• Maintain new records on structural integrity and safe capacity standards for FRA review