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About Crouch Engineering
Railroad Engineering

Crouch Engineering is a recognized industry leader and the go-to
engineering firm for
many railroads, private industries and government
agencies throughout North America and internationally.

Based in Brentwood (Nashville), TN, and licensed in most states, Crouch Engineering offers nationwide coverage to our clients. We have successfully completed thousands projects across the United States.  

Crouch Engineering maintains a staff trained and equipped to assist with your railroad engineering needs.  Our staff is just hours away from most project locations throughout the US either by driving or by economical air travel. We are a railroad engineering firm - not a civil engineering firm that occasionally performs railroad design.

Because we have decades of experience and expertise, our work is highly efficient.  For all of our repeat clients, we are at the top of their learning curve, and quickly share and gain the information needed to complete designs based on their individual design standards, and construction through our easy to use, client-oriented FTP file sharing site.

Crouch Engineering has performed thousands of railroad bridge inspections and related load rating analyses across the US, meeting all current FRA requirements. 

Our industrial development projects for railroads cover more than 20 industrial sectors, from mining to power plant generation, agricultural and manufacturing, intermodal facilities and bulk transfer, to automotive and ports, etc.

From a small survey project, to an emergency situation involving the loss of the railway bridge, to a complex rail yard design, we appreciate your considering Crouch Engineering for your next railroad or civil engineering project.

Mission Statement


The mission of Crouch Engineering is to meet the engineering needs of railroads, railroad customers and the government agencies using our experience and expertise to develop creative solutions and safe, efficient designs. Our core values include safety, dependability, communication, responsiveness, confidentiality, loyalty and economy. 

More on Crouch


Crouch Engineering is a recognized industry leader, railroad contractor and the go-to engineering firm for many Class 1 and Short Line railroads, private industries and government agencies throughout North America and internationally.  


Our firm is the Smartest Choice for your next project, whether it is related to railcar cleaning and repair shops, rail service for industries, railroad bridge inspection and design, track inspection and design, or construction project management.

The Industry Leader in Railroad Engineering

Crouch Engineering operates just like an in-house railroad engineering department for private industrial clients, as well as, Class 1 and Short Line railroads, providing safe, efficient, creative design solutions, prompt personal service, attention to detail, and a level of client responsiveness that's made us an industry leader.  


Completing over 3,000 railway engineering projects, Crouch has served hundreds of railroads and railroad customers, designing new facilities and modifying or improving existing rail facilities. 

A Strong Voice for Railroads

When public projects interface with railroads, you can depend on us to be a strong, expert voice on behalf of the railroad, acting as liaison and reviewing the impact of key plans such as grade separations, new overpasses and new crossings. The safe operation, viability and growth of your railroad is our number one priority.

Down the Line, You'll Be Glad You Chose Crouch

We get to know our clients well and assist in areas beyond engineering. We may begin our relationship on a bridge inspection project, or public project.  


As we learn more about your business, we can assist your staff in helping to attract new shippers, apply for grants and loans, assist with your bridge management plan, or design new facilities for you or your customers. 

Recommended by DOTs Nationwide

Crouch Engineering gets to know the various stakeholders in our clients' railways. As railroad engineers, our firm has built an excellent reputation with many state Departments of Transportation and the Federal Railroad Administration, accepting our findings based on our knowledge and experience. 

Rail yard
Briley Parkway Bridge Design

Recognized Industry Leader

Crouch Engineering is a recognized industry leader, railroad contractor and the go-to engineering firm for many railroads, private industries and government agencies throughout North America and internationally.

Bridge Rehab - Design-Build Construction Management

A Message From Our Founder

When Crouch Engineering was founded in 1991, there was a great need for railway engineering expertise - the kind of experience founded in actual on-track experience.  The shoreline railroad industry was beginning to blossom, and most railroads did not have an engineering department or any engineering staff.  What they needed was an on-call engineering department that could provide all of the railroad inspection, bridge inspection, track design, geotechnical services, and construction project management services needed, without creating an overhead burden.

Crouch Engineering has grown to serve most of the Class 1 Railroads, over 200 Short Line Railroads, numerous government agencies and DOT's, and more than 200 rail served customers.  We have completed more than 3,000 railway projects in our 25+ years.

Our first obligation to our clients is understanding their needs.  We gain understanding through asking the right questions based on our experience and expertise, and listening intently to gain understanding and agreement.  Once we understand our clients' needs, we develop the most creative solution, or a choice of solutions that focus on safety first, efficient designs, conformance to railroad industry and regulatory standards and rules, precise plans and specifications, competitive bidding processes, and detail oriented project management and construction observation. 

Our second obligation to our clients is to help them improve their bottom line, while allowing their employees to focus on their daily job duties, with as few distractions as possible, while Crouch Engineering manages and develops their projects. While there are many ways we can help improve a client's bottom line, cost efficiencies are very often achieved by developing a complete and detailed scope of work, efficient, constructible plans and thorough specifications, a rigorous competitive bidding process, and professional project management during construction.

Please consider Crouch Engineering as your personal Railway Engineering Department (without the overhead burden).  
I assure you, we will work with you well and help you be successful in completing your railway project within your desired time frame and budget.  Thank you to all those whom we have worked with in the past, and welcome to our new clients. 

Harvey A. Crouch, MS, P.E.

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