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Passenger and Commuter Rail Design and Construction Project Management


Crouch Engineering provides the full spectrum of planning and engineering services required for the successful completion of Railway Passenger and Commuter Railroad Projects.

Our work on passenger and commuter rail typically include the following:


  •  Passenger and Commuter Rail Planning and Feasibility Studies

  •  Railroad Topographic Surveys and Mapping

  •  Track and Bridge Design

  •  Right-of-Way Takes, and Acquisition

  •  Grade Crossing and Grade Separation Design

  •  Station Design Conforming to Amtrak and AREMA Standards

  •  Amtrak Passenger Platform Design

  •  Construction Management


One of our best-known projects was the design of an historic passenger rail system, restoring passenger service to the City of Norfolk, VA, which had not had passenger service in over 40 years. Passengers are now able to take Amtrak from Norfolk to Richmond and Washington, D.C., and all points connecting in D.C.  The survey and design capacity project included a connection track between Norfolk Southern Railway and the CSX Transportation Railroad, additional main tracks, multiple cross-overs and interlockings, the development of a passenger platform in Norfolk, as well as an Amtrak servicing facility in Norfolk.


Crouch Engineering recently completed the design of the Lynchburg to Roanoke, VA Amtrak service extension for Norfolk Southern and the Virginia DRPT.  The survey and design capacity project included a 10-mile long double track main line design from Green to Smothers, VA on NS, the design of a passenger platform on Norfolk Ave. in Roanoke, as well as an Amtrak servicing facility in Roanoke, VA. 


Crouch also recently completed a route feasibility study for Norfolk Southern and MARTA south of Atlanta, GA, evaluating design impacts over the corridor from Hapeville to Lovejoy, GA.


Crouch also served over a four-year period as the Project Manager for the DART Blue Line and Green Line Projects on the Dallas, Garland and Northeastern Railroad. Crouch Engineering performed most of the preliminary engineering for the Music City Star, preparing concept designs for curve alignment improvements, and was able to design projects that improved long sections of track for 80 mph design speed, eliminated several at-grade highway crossings.


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