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Crouch Engineering has a dedicated team ready to assist you with your new railcar shop planning, renovation and construction.  Many railcar repair companies have not made improvements to their infrastructure for years.  New, more efficient processes for repair and cleaning have spurred the need for new repair infrastructure.  The Crouch team has extensive experience in both locomotive and railcar repair shop design and construction.

Railcar and locomotive repair shop projects typically include the following:

  •  Railroad Topographic Surveys, Railroad Surveys, Mapping, and Staking for Large Scale and Small Scale Shop Design   Projects

  •  Track Layout, Planning, Design, and Construction Project Management for Railroad Locomotive and Railcar Repair Facilities

  •  Transfer Table Design

  •  Railroad Yard Design in Support of Railroad Locomotive and Railcar Repair Shops

  •  Facility Internal Railroad – Highway Grade Crossing Design

  •  Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analyses for Shop Facilities

  •  Shop Building Design

  •  Shop Process Flow Planning and Workstation Layout

  •  Locomotive Inspection Pits 

  •  Railcar Cleaning Racks

  •  Design of Internal and External Blast and Paint Shops, Bake Shops, etc.

  •  Construction Management


Railcar Repair Facility Design and Modifications and Construction Project Management - Crouch Engineering has a dedicated full service team consisting of surveyors, civil site engineers, geotechnical engineers, environmental engineers, track designers, building designers, architects, railcar shop designers, and project managers ready to assist you with your new railcar shop planning and construction.


The Crouch team has the knowledge, experience, and expertise required to set up your shop to perform all of the tasks necessary for completing your required processes, including process flow, building needs, site needs, track layout and construction needs, process equipment needs, equipment needs, etc. from the initial inspection, through basic car repairs, demolition, cleaning, blasting, application of thermal insulation, brake system upgrades, application of head shields, outer jackets, reconstruction, blasting, and painting, etc. 


The Crouch team will design or redesign your facility to accommodate all steps required for your specific service offerings and processes.


Crouch can also work with you to design or modify standard railroad locomotive repair shops and railcar repair shops, having designed more than 12 locomotive and railcar repair shops across the US.  Unsure of the feasibility of your project – the Crouch team can develop a proposed facility concept and study the costs and feasibility of the facility.


Crouch Engineering performs full service design and project management services for many railroads, museums, and private railcar and locomotive repair facilities across the United States. Crouch has a national reputation for providing cost effective, safe, efficient, constructible designs, competitive bid phase work, and construction project management meeting the operational needs of the railroad carrier, museum, or private shop owner.  In fact, Crouch Engineering goes beyond the normal design process, using creative solutions and creative designs to reduce construction costs, reduce construction timeframes, reduce or mitigate environmental impacts, and eliminate or reduce certain long term facility maintenance costs.