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Providing Service from Start to Finish

Crouch Engineering provides complete, turnkey design and construction services for new rail service, bridges, and railcar repair shops.  We provide the client with a single point of contact for full service from conceptual planning through construction.

Our work on Construction Management projects typically includes the following:

  • Contractor Prequalification

  • Cost Estimating

  • Procurement

  • Logistics

  • Competitive Bid Process and Evaluation

  • On-Site Project Management

  • Project Controls

  • Project Management and Contractor Management 

  • Scheduling

  • Construction

  • Commissioning

We apply our primary principle of a Team Approach to each project in order to meet the client expectations for budget, schedule, and quality in a safe environment.

Crouch Engineering manages the construction process beginning with bid development and contractor prequalification for the specific project needs. With support from Crouch's Project Controls Engineering team our Project Managers monitor the contractor's schedule and cost to ensure an on time and on budget completion is accomplished. With the capability of reach back support to the home office engineers and designers our Construction Management team assures adherence to project schedule, budget, and quality.

Our Construction Management team provides cost-conscious, innovative construction services to support our client requirements. Through our approach we have provided savings to construction projects be ensuring continuity between the design and construction.

Contracting Mechanisms

  • Construction Administration

  • Design Build

  • Progressive Design Assist

  • Engineer-Procure-Construct

  • Cost Plus

  • Firm Fixed Price

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