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Railroad Track
Inspection & Design

Railroad Track Design

Crouch Engineering manages your railway track projects from planning, through survey, geotechnical studies, design, permitting, bid phase and construction phase. 

Track design typically includes the following:


  • Planning and Feasibility Studies

  • Conceptual Designs

  • Railroad Topographic Surveys, Site Review and Railroad Track Inspections

  • Detailed Scope of Work for Each Project

  • Plans and Construction Details

  • Project Specifications

  • Bidding Documents

  • Competitive Bid Process

  • Construction Management

Railroad Track Inspection

Crouch Engineering performs walking or hy-rail track inspections for a wide range of purposes, on active tracks, new track construction and out-of-service tracks. 


In general, track inspections are performed for the purpose of determining the existing track conditions, FRA Class of Track compliance, track rehabilitation needs, or conformance to Plans and Specifications for new track construction.

Project Types 


Crouch Engineering has prepared plans for many railroad capital improvement projects and capacity projects across the U.S. 


Plans are developed through meetings with the railroads and our site visits to determine service requirements, length of trains being operated, operational requirements, grading and structures anticipated, location of grade crossings, best location, utility conflicts, etc.

Typical project design includes the following:


  • New main line tracks

  • Double and multiple track main lines

  • New sidings and siding extensions

  • New yards and yard redesign

  • Passenger Facilities

  • Intermodal Facilities

  • Industrial Tracks

  • Speed improvement projects

  • Public Projects

  • Railroad Route Feasibility Planning and Studies –

  • Highway – Railroad Grade Crossings and Diagnostic Team Reviews

  • Grade Separation Projects

  • Railroad track rehabilitation projects

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