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Bulk Fuel and Transfer Facilities

The Crouch Engineering team manages your bulk fuel transfer facility project from planning, through survey, geotechnical studies, design, permitting, scheduling, bid phase and construction management.  We focus on rail service for midstream activities including, but not limited to, the storage, processing, blending and transportation of petroleum and biofuel products.


Our work on midstream and downstream fuel facility projects typically includes the following:


  • Site Selection

  • Planning and Conceptual Design for New Facilities and Expansions

  • Railroad Topographic Surveys, Site Review and Track Inspections

  • Detailed Scope of Work for Each Project

  • Plans and Construction Details

  • Submittals to and Coordination with the Serving Railroad

  • Project Specifications

  • Bidding Documents

  • Competitive Bid Process

  • Construction Management


Crouch Engineering works closely with its Railroad, Industrial, Biodiesel, and Petroleum Industry clients to develop plans that meet their service needs for loading and unloading railcars, and shipping by rail.  Our designs are safe, economical, constructible, and functional.  Our design expertise include intermodal facilities, bulk transfer facilities, fuel unloading and blending facilities, and tank car repair and cleaning facilities.  Our Plans and Specifications conform with Railroad, AREMA, and FRA standards and guidelines.  With detailed plans, and our management of the bid process and construction phase, construction costs are minimized, and quality is assured.

Crouch Engineering can bring a one point of contact design-build approach to its clients to minimize our client’s expenditure of time and effort.


Crouch Engineering has prepared intermodal fuel facility and track plans and managed construction for many types of fuel related facilities across the U.S. 


Crouch Engineering is experienced in the design of railroad infrastructure for the following types of Midstream and Downstream Facilities:


  • Bulk Fuel Transfer Facilities 

  • Petroleum Facilities 

  • Synthetic Fuel Facilities 

  • Oil and Gas Storage and Transfer Facilities 

  • Fuel Blending Facilities

  • Tank Car Cleaning and Repair Facilities

Commodities typically handled in bulk fuel facility designs may include the following:


  • Ethanol

  • Butane

  • Ethene

  • Biodiesel

  • Jet Fuel

  • Gasoline

  • Propane

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