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Bridge Inspection
& Bridge Design

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Bridge Management Plans

Crouch Engineering worked with the FRA to develop Bridge Management Plans for many of our clients.  Our programs result in best management practices for inspection, repairs and maintenance for railroad bridges for our railroad clients.

Annual and Emergency Railroad Bridge Inspections

Our experienced railway bridge inspectors perform thousands of annual railroad bridge inspections each year, and respond to emergency situations such as bridges impacted by barges or trucks, fire impacts, etc.  Our inspections conform to FRA standards, including the documentation and reporting of data.  Any urgent repairs needed are reported to the client immediately. We work to keep your costs as low as possible, while keeping structures at capacity, and safe for normal operations.  Our inspections are non-destructive, and conform to FRA Bridge Safety Rules (CFR Part 214).  


Crouch Engineering is not a Bridge Contractor.  Our firm has a national reputation for providing cost effective, efficient, independent (unbiased) bridge inspections.  Because Crouch Engineering is not a Contractor, we have no vested interest in finding defects and recommending component replacements.  In fact, Crouch Engineering goes beyond the normal bridge inspection and rehabilitation design process, using creative solutions and creative designs to reduce bridge repair costs and eliminate or reduce long term bridge maintenance costs. Crouch Engineering will determine the safest, most efficient, constructible bridge repair, and judge your bridge conditions with expertise, experience, and confidence.

Design Services for the Rehabilitation of Existing Railroad Bridges

Crouch Engineering has designed hundreds of railroad bridge rehabilitation programs for many railroads.  Crouch Engineering has developed many innovative designs for repair work and replacement of bridges under traffic.  Our creative designs have included reducing bridge lengths, replacing bridges with culverts and backfill, converting open deck bridges to ballast deck bridges, replacements using line changes, and other design approaches that reduce traffic outages and long-term maintenance costs.  

Railroad Bridge Design 

Crouch Engineering provides survey, design, and construction management for new railroad bridges and for the replacement of existing bridges.  Crouch Engineering has designed many new bridges on railroads across the U.S. using the least cost constructible approach.  Designs are developed in a manner that provides for construction of each bridge under site specific conditions, including restrictions of access for equipment, track time, and consideration of the project schedule.

Highway Bridge Design

Crouch Engineering provides survey and design for new highway bridges and for the replacement of existing highway bridges.  Crouch Engineering has designed many public highway bridge replacement projects, primarily for highway projects impacting railroads. Our designs include the DOT requirements on a state by state basis.

Bridge Capacity Load Rating

Crouch Engineering performs capacity load ratings for many railroads and all types of railroad bridges, across the United States, conforming to FRA Bridge Safety Rules (CFR Part 214).  Our staff has the expertise and experience to load rate all types of railroad bridges, and performs evaluations and calculations conforming to AREMA guidelines and FRA requirements.  Crouch Engineering uses static and dynamic modeling tools, coupled with existing conditions of all structural members of each bridge to determine design load ratings and maximum load ratings for each structure. 

Construction Management

Crouch Engineering routinely provides Construction Management Services for bridge rehabilitation projects and new bridge construction projects.  Click here to learn about our construction management services.

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